For Your Remodel, the Sky’s the Limit!

For Your Remodel, the Sky’s the Limit!

Choose our home renovation team in Richmond and Brunswick, ME today

When you look around your home, are you impressed with it? Are you happy with the way it looks? Many homeowners get a little bored with the look of their kitchen and bathrooms. Others have a strong desire to add in a new sunroom or deck to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor weather in Maine. If you’re someone who is considered a renovation or remodel, then call the team at Milano Renovation.

Team up with us to transform your home

We are a premier home renovations company serving the Richmond and Brunswick areas in Maine, offering a wide range of services to transform your home piece by piece. Reach out to our specialists for any of the following renovation services:

• Bathroom and Kitchen remodeling
• Garage and Room Additions
• Sunrooms and Decks
• Shelving and Cabinetry
• Laundry Rooms and Closets
• Hardwood (new and refinished) and Tile Flooring
• Basement Remodeling

We will work with you to map out your vision for the space. Then we’ll take efficiently put all the elements in place to bring new life to your home in no time at all. Whether you need us to install new cabinets or place in new toilets and sinks, you can count on our professionals to get the job done. So why wait? Reach out to our team in Richmond and Brunswick, ME today and start upgrading your home tomorrow.